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My background is in exercise sciences, with a primary interest for exercise interventions in clinical conditions. I have been surrounded by fantastic mentors, professors, and colleagues. My academic path combined exercise pathophysiology during my MSc and PhD, and epidemiology/evidence synthesis during my postdoctoral fellowship. Currently, my research addresses two main domains: (1) assessment of physical activity interventions in at risk or ill individuals, particularly through clinical trials and systematic reviews/meta-analyses of exercise training interventions; and (2) meta-research in exercise sciences, which was prompted by observing many unreliable reporting practices in my discipline, including scientific misreporting from myself.

At the undergraduate level, I teach courses of (i) epidemiological surveillance, (ii) research methods, and (iii) health in the elderly, for students pursuing a Public Health major. At the graduate level, since 2013 I have been serving as a permanent advisor at the Graduate Program of Cardiovascular Sciences/UFRGS. Since 2017, I have been serving as a permanent advisor at the Graduate Program of Public Health/2017.

I work alongside my research team. I mentor students and postdocs with focus on project excellence and career development, promoting the ethical and scientifically-guided attitude that must be ultimately visible through their research.

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My Lattes CV (Portuguese)