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Some academic podcasts for 2019

If you need to walk your dog or simply enjoy putting headphones on while in transit, this note may be useful for you.

In 2016, I was working 252 km away from home, having nearly four-hour bus trips, each bound, every week. Having a hard time to listen to music for such a long time, I started off listening the data science podcadst Not So Standard Deviations. One of its co-hosts is Roger Peng (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) who podcasts about life in academia co-hosting a show called The Effort Report with his then colleague Dr. Elizabeth Matsui (who moved to the Dell Medical School in my beloved UT-Austin).

If you are interested in conversations about job applications, grant/manuscript writing, mentoring, scientific collaborations, evidence scrutiny, you should enjoy listen to one, or all, of the suggestions listed in the twitter thread embedded above. It is convenient to listen to podcasts on the go and these conversations are an informal and usually funny way to learn and think about varied academic topics. Give it a try.

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