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If you are a prospective student or postdoc interested in intervention studies, evidence synthesis, or meta-research, feel encouraged to contact me at

Grad students and postdocs

Aline Bonatto – MSc student

Andresa Conrado Ignácio – MSc student

Angélica Trevisan De Nardi – PhD student

Douglas Xavier – MSc student

Jayne Santos Leite – PhD student

Larissa Xavier – PhD student

Lucinéia Pfeifer – PhD student

Nórton Luís Oliveira – Postdoctoral fellow


Undergraduate students and other contributors

Bruna Goés Moraes
PUCRS (Undergraduate – Physical Therapy)

Linda Ariene Cardoso
UFCSPA (Undergraduate – Biomedicine)


Tainá Alano
UFCSPA (Undergraduate – Medicine)




Lucas Helal, PhD – 2020
Lucas H studied the quality of reporting in systematic reviews, as well as data sharing policies and predatory journals . Manuscripts in preparation.

Lucas Porto Santos, PhD – 2019
Lucas PS was the study coordinator for the HAEL Study and led a overview of systematic reviews. Manuscripts in preparation.

Leony Morgana Galliano, PhD – 2019 (Co-advisor)
Leony conducted a clinical trial with lifestyle measures for a rural population in our state (Dona Francisca Study). Manuscripts in preparation.

Michel Arias Brentano, PhD – 2015
Michel investigated energy expenditure and muscle damage during strength training sessions. Results are published.

Karlyse Claudino Belli, PhD – 2013
Karlyse led a project summarizing the literature on aerobic training and chronic heart failure. We are preparing the results to dissemination.

Paula Figueiredo Silva, PhD – 2013
Paula studied the locomotor pattern in patients with peripheral artery disease. We are preparing the results to dissemination.


Laura Milán Vasquer, MSc – 2020
Laura studied the budgetary planning and allocation to physical activity or sports programs in the city of Porto Alegre-RS (Brazil).

Fernando Matos Dourado Neto, MSc – 2019
Fernando conducted a cross-sectional study (Saúde POA) to characterize the population using the public program of physical activity in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Elisa Gôuvea Portella, MSc – 2017 (Co-advisor)
Elisa conducted a clinical trial using combined exercise training for breast cancer survivors. Manuscript in preparation.

César Augusto da Silva, MSc – 2016 (Co-advisor)
César led a systematic review with meta-analysis to assess the effects of compression socks on physical performance. The results have been published.

Lucas Porto Santos, MSc – 2015
Lucas conducted a crossover randomized trial to assess the effect of a single exercise session on blood presure in people with resistance hypertension. The results have been published.

Marta Brod, MSc – 2012
Marta investigated the habitual physical activity in patients with chronic heart failure. Manuscript submitted.