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Perspectives of elderly participants in the study with hypertension on the delivery modes of individual summary reports

This Study Within A Study (SWAT) is hosted by the multicenter, randomized study the HAEL Study (see below). In this SWAT, we are comparing two different face-to-face formats (based on individual or group contexts) for delivering individual results to older participants. The outcomes are related to measures of understanding, satisfaction, and short-term psychological impact generated by the modes of handing results to participantes. The study is expected to end in 2021.

Registration: Northern Ireland Hub for SWAT Repository for Research on Test Methodology (SWAT122 – link)

The HAEL Study – Hypertension Approaches in the Elderly: a Lifestyle Study (HAEL) identifier:
registration (NCT03264443)

The HAEL Study is a two-center randomized, parallel, and controlled trial which will compare a pragmatic combined training program with a health education program in 184 older adults with hypertension.  The study is conducted by nearly 20 researchers from the UFRGS (Porto Alegre, RS) and UFPel (Pelotas, RS) universities, both located in southern Brazil. The HAEL study is planned to cease recruitment and intervention phases by June, 2019.

The EDDIE TrialExercise Dose-Response for Diabetes in the Elderly
registration (NCT03423108)

The EDDIE Trial is a one-center randomized, three-arm, parallel, superiority, controlled trial in 132 elderly outpatients with type 2 diabetes. Two different combined exercise training doses (300min/week vs 150min/week) will be compared to usual care. The study is set to start subject enrollment in April, 2018.

Update: The EDDIE Trial will be cancelled soon, due to the lack of infra-structure for exercise programs. Eligible subjects have been screened, but nobody has been randomized.

High-intensity interval training and cardiorespiratory fitness: an overview of systematic reviews and meta-analysis
registration (CRD42017067269) protocol, materials, datasets  |  preprint

In this overview we assess the methodological conduction and reporting completeness of systematic reviews with meta-analysis (SRMA) of HIIT/SIT interventions in different populations. We are particularly interested in SRMA’s that summarized results of VO2max, and we use established tools such as PRISMA and AMSTAR-1 to proceed the assessments.

Health situation analysis of elderly users participating in public programs of physical activity in Porto Alegre, Brazil: a cross-sectional study

In this cross-sectional study, we will evaluate a representative sample of 443 users who engage in public services with varied (and free) practices of physical activity.  We will evaluate a set of clinical and functional outcomes to characterize protective and risk factors in these active elderly folks.